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Helping You Maximize Your Profits 
This Fourth Quarter

Access the Best 
eCom Q4 Training
  Quarter Four Is The Busiest Shopping Season Of the Year!  During That Time, Online Shopping and Retail Shopping Hits An All Time High.  Shoppers Are Buying Products Non-Stop, . . . So Why Shouldn't It Be or Couldn't It Be Your Products?  

 For 14 Years, We've Been Helping People Double, Triple and Quadruple Their Fourth Quarter Sales and Increase Their Profit Margins, . . . And We Want To Help You Too!  
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Here's Everything Included In Your Membership
  • Community:  Gain Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Community of Like-Minded eCommerce Professionals to Receive Support, Mastermind and Network together
  • ​Membership Site:  Lifetime Access To Our Private Membership Site To Watch and Re-Watch All Webinar Recordings At Your Convenience.
  • 2020 BaLance Q4 Training:  Access To Previous Q4 Webinar Recordings To Help You Prepare for This Fourth Quarter
  • WhatsApp Inner Circle:  Exclusive Access To A WhatsApp Group of No More Than 100 Sellers (Plus Admins), Where You'll Get An Endless List of Suggested Items To Sell
  • Sourcing Lists: Excel Spreadsheet of Inventory Finds and Deals Organized By Store
  • ​Over-The-Shoulder Training: FaceBook "Go Lives" From Major Stores Showing You How To Source Inventory 
  • Coaching/Training:  Help Ensuring You're Getting The Maximum Profit In Your Amazon Sales, Learn How to Deal with IP Claims, Identify Wholesalers Then Create Accounts And Much Much More
  • FOUR Bonus Q4 Webinars: Pre-Q4 Prep Webinars to Help You Prepare for Massive Success and Mega Profits This Fourth Quarter
  • FIVE Q4 Webinars: Expert Trainers Will Be Hosting Special Webinars Design To Help You Take Action and Make Money During The Webinar
Meet Your Veteran eCommerce Expert Trainers 
Lance Wolf
Lance Wolf, a 13-year Seasoned Seller, has been involved in almost every aspect of Amazon selling. Mastering the art of private label, wholesale, and most of all Retail Arbitrage. In 2016 and 2017 Lance did over $9 Million in sales with a manufacturer and continues to RA, private label, and wholesale in his personal selling account.
Barrington McIntosh
Barrington lives in Jamaica and has pioneered strategies to create an extremely successful international multi-million dollar Amazon business. He's a highly sought after international trainer, coach, mentor and industry leader who has helped thousands of students learn how to start, grow and scale their ecommerce businesses to make millions in sales. He produces and provides valuable and knowledgeable courses and resources to multiple ecommerce communities, and is one of the most trusted and most creative leaders selling on Amazon. 
Michal Chapnick
Michal Chapnick is a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur who has been selling online since 2011. She specializes in selling on multi-channels such as Amazon and Amazon Canada, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify. She is dedicated to helping others grow their business through selling on multi-channels and by sharing her sourcing strategies. As a Mom of two she loves the eCom lifestyle, which allows her to spend more time with her family.
J.R. Cagle
I am a former high school math teacher who started on eBay part time and then moved into Amazon part time. I built my business and my skills while still being a teacher. In 2013 I quit my job as a teacher and went full time as an Amazon seller. I have now been doing this full time for 6 years. In 2019 I did roughly $900,000 in sales and I will do over $1 million in 2019.
I specialize in retail arbitrage, but I also do online arbitrage and wholesale. My biggest source is Target and I love buying inventory cheap there with various tricks I have learned over the years.
Greg Webb
Greg got his start selling online with eBay and Craigslist. However, for the last five years he’s exclusively sold on Amazon. During that span he is quickly approaching a cumulative total of $1,000,000 in sales in the toy category alone...part-time. He studies the toy market and applies simple, yet unique strategies that help him sell profitable toys year round, not just during Q4. He loves to teach and help others sell on Amazon so ultimately everyone can achieve their goal of financial independence. Greg and his wife reside in small town North Carolina
Brent Rohrbaugh
Brent works from home in the IT industry and also sells online.  He started selling phones in 2012 on eBay and by 2017 expanded to selling on Amazon.  He's learned there's no shortage of product opportunities on Amazon. Partnering with the BaLance Q4 Team changed his business for the better.  He learned a lot in a short amount of time and has successfully deployed various selling strategies to grow his business.  His biggest take away is that you need to set yourself apart and not follow the crowd. He focuses on Retail and Online arbitrage and uses strategies like buying and holding or creating his own listings / bundles to set him apart from the competition. He's planning to make Amazon his full-time job in the very near future. 

Robert Trevino
Robert works full time as an advance bodywork therapist helping his clients with structural and muscular issues. Yet back in 2016 he started his side hustle as a part time eCom seller. When he made his first sale, he was hooked! Two of the business models that resonate with him due to running a full time practice is wholesale and bundling business models. He will be sharing his insight and knowledge with our Q4 community!
Brook Stinnett
Brook started selling PT on Amazon around May of 2019. He has 15 years of Salaried Management experience primarily from Walmart where he managed stores in the midwest. His primary focus is RA and OA with some wholesale experience as well. Brook has developed a knack for sourcing profitable items that he releases monthly to help you grow your business. He has a passion for helping people with the basics like packing and prep work as well as inside information to help you source better at Walmart. Brook resides in SC with his wife and son.
Helping You Maximize Your Profits 
This Fourth Quarter

Access the Best 
eCom Q4 Training
  • What to Buy in Q4 based on Historical Data
  • ​How to read Keepa Charts
  • Stacking Target Coupons
  • How to Buy below Wholesale
  • Past Q4 Product listings on Excel Spreadsheet ( Actual profitable items that sold year over year)
  • ​INFLATABLES GUIDE (This is the ultimate guide on how to sell Inflatables for crazy profits)
  • Wholesale and Multiple Selling Channels
  • ​Why to add Wholesale to your inventory acquisition strategy
  • ​How to Manage Inventory on Multiple Marketplaces
  • ​Selling Internationally
  • ​How to sell Merchant Fulfilled and Beat the Competition
  • ​"The One Strategy that doubled our orders"
  • How to source and sell clothes and shoes during Q4 and throughout the rest of the year
  • How to create profitable listings
  • Where to buy clothing items for cheap and resell on Amazon for amazing profit
  • ​How to create successful Bundles that sell all day
  • How to Buy at the Lowest Cost Possible
  • ​How to Find Profitable Replenishable Products over and over again
  • ​Learn Strategies To Find Profitable Products that Sell ALL THE TIME
  • ​How to Find Hot Selling and Clearance Products at Walmart
  • How to Buy on Clearance for HUGE Profits
  • ​Keepa Check/ Brickseek Have a Asin that you would like to review? We will help to BOOST your confidence, as you hear from the Expert on a product you are reviewing.
  • ​Planning: How to order most of your inventory from home, as opposed to running to the stores and lucking out... AGAIN!
  • ​Pricing Strategies: Learn how to tackle listing price fluctuations and have confidence in your buying decisions
What People Are Saying About Our Q4 Training And Their Results
"It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!" 
"The BaLance group provides tremendous value and these gentlemen are honest, hard charging and enthusiastic service providers." 
"Barrington McIntosh & Lance Wolf are the real deal." "I make real profits & save a TON of time" 
"I'm listening once AGAIN to your 
fantastic Master Class." 
"Best tips", "Change your prices up and down to kickstart some sales." 
"Watched the clothing webinar at 2am last night. Took action at 10am today." 
"Being part of these groups has been a tremendous boost to the success of my Amazon business." 
"I still can't believe how well I did." 
“In August 2017 we started on Amazon. We joined the Q4 groups that year and met Barrington and Lance. The information they shared has helped us to grow our Amazon business. Along with the Q4 groups the BaLance Team offers a wide variety of great content. Whether you want to learn about clothing, buy and hold, or how to buy low (knock the price down) there is something for everyone! Many members are in multiple groups and this makes for great sharing of information. Whether you are brand new to Amazon or a seasoned seller you’ll enjoy and benefit from the BaLance 2019 Q4 groups!”

Dale Hamilton
“I applied for Walmart in April and had my first sale in June. I signed up with Multi-Channel group in July and that was great in helping me integrate Amazon, Ebay and Walmart through Ecomdash. With this integration, I was able to easily post between platforms and within my first 45 days of selling on Walmart, I had slightly over 100 sales! Could not have done it this easily without that help!”

Tina Dodge
“They say you are the sum total of the people who are in your life. My life and finances has increase immeasurably from my association with Barrington, Lance and Robert. The BaLance group provides tremendous value and these gentlemen are honest, hard charging and enthusiastic service providers. My business has increased by an average of 42.7% year over year for the last 4 years as a result of my association with them and their products. I just love these groups, the community and the trainings. The Q4 groups are some of the best around and the knowledge you gain will continue to pay dividends long after the year is over. Where else in this cut throat society can you find an assembled group who are dedicated to teaching you the ropes, dedicated to your success and dedicated to your growth as a person? Sign up, no matter the cost. Why? Because your association with them and their NETWORK is PRICELESS!!!”

Curtiss Witt
“Thank you for your time & sharing personal processes with all of us... Lance & Barrington, thank you for arranging these incredible Guest Speakers to share this invaluable information”

M. Vegors
10 Reasons Why You Should Get This Q4 Training
1.  October, November and December is the Busiest Shopping Time of The Year
During quarter four, people spend more money on everything they need or want than any other time of year.  This includes spontaneous and planned purchases.  So that means, this is the best time of year to learn how to capitalize on those predictable spending habits.  People are clearly going to be buying stuff, why shouldn't it be your stuff?
2.  The BaLance Q4 Team Are All Real Sellers Who Know How To Best Serve, Support & Guide You During Q4
The BaLance Q4 Team actually sells multiple products on multiple ecommerce platforms (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Mercari, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace and more).  Daily, they're in the trenches working their own businesses AND helping new and seasoned sellers to source inventory, increase their ROI and troubleshoot issues. They are 7+ figure sellers who are totally committed to your success, so that means they're the perfect team to help you succeed in your online ecommerce journey.  
3.  The BaLance Q4 Team Can Show You How To Make Full-Time Income Beyond December
The statistics outlined below in #4 thru #10 clearly shows ecommerce and online buying is HERE TO STAY!.  There's no better team to teach you how to maximize this online selling opportunity and show you how to make money yearround, than the BaLance Q4 Team.  Don't delay, click the button now and get started today!  
4.  76% of U.S. Consumers Shop Online
A 2019 poll by Marist College and National Public Radio (NPR) shows that 76% of all United States adults shop online. Looking closer at the frequency the online shopping stats show 25% of those who shop online do so at least once a month, and 16% shop online at least once a week. (Source: NPR/Marist Poll).
5.  The U.S. Has the Highest Total Revenue From Online Shopping
The U.S. has the highest total revenue from online shopping out of every country in the world. However, the United Kingdom has the highest ecommerce spend per capita. Chinese citizens spend a higher percentage of their salaries online than any other country. (Sources: Ecommerce Wiki, World Atlas).
6.  44% of Online Shoppers Start at Amazon
More online shoppers turn to Amazon than Google. When looking to purchase an item online, 44% of online shoppers immediately turn to Amazon whereas 33% of shoppers start with a Google search. About 10% of shoppers start at a specific online store like Target or Walmart. (Source: NPR/Marist Poll).
7.  There Will be More Than 300 Million U.S. Online Shoppers in 2023
In 2018, the U.S. had 258.9 million online shoppers. That number is expected to grow to 271.1 million in 2019 and reach more than 300 million by 2023. (Source: Statista).
8.  Mobile Shopping Expected to Increase by 56%
Online shopping conducted through smartphones accounted for roughly $117 billion in the U.S. in 2018. Sales made directly through smartphones is expected to hit $209 billion by 2022. (Source: Retail Dive).
9. Almost 80% of Younger Consumers Impulse Buy Online
Of the millions of Americans who shopped online in 2018, 44% made an impulse purchase. Younger consumers make many more unplanned purchases than the average shopper. Of Generation Z consumers, 76.7% have made online impulse buys, and 78.2% of millennials have made online impulse purchases. (Source: CNBC).
10.  84% of Online Consumers Have Purchased Clothes or Shoes Online
A total of 58% of U.S. adults have purchased clothes or shoes online. Out of U.S. adults that shop online, 84% have purchased shoes or clothes. Electronics are the second most popular type of product to purchase online, with 48% of all U.S. adults having purchased a TV, computer, speaker, or headphones online. (Source: NPR/Marist Poll).
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